NLPOA Omaha Chapter

“Honoring Family, Education and Community Through Service and Mentorship”

NLPOA Omaha Chapter

The mission of the association is to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in the Criminal Justice System (particularly in law enforcement). To create a fraternal/professional association that provides support, advocacy, personal and professional development to its members. To prevent and reduce juvenile delinquency; and lessen neighborhood tension in the Latino communities, through awareness and role modeling, provide bi-lingual assistance to the public, and bridge the gap between the Latino community and the police.

The Omaha LPOA is dedicated to providing at-risk youth with the opportunity to develop discipline, self-esteem, and positive moral values through wholesome competition.

We operate solely on sponsorship and since our leagues are purely volunteer organization, 100% of funds we receive go directly towards the athletic programs.

Your support would be greatly appreciated!

You can donate directly from this site or donations can be sent to:
The Latino Peace Officers Association Attn: Officer Espejo 2475 Deer Park Blvd. Omaha, NE 68107

Your contribution is Tax Deductible and a receipt will be sent to you for your records.